While the adults were running the THOMASS, the kids were running a special race with cup-cake ingredients at the controls. The end result - a load of great cupcakes and big smiles
Pre-runners came across a mother elk and her brand new babycalf. To avoid disturbing the animals we moved the finish line a little earlier. Here's a picture of the unsteady calf alongside her watchful mum.
The results are available for the Chase and the THOMASS.
Still to come from Saturday's events are the Setup results, and the combined Setup/Chase standings
Visit AttackPoint to see the splits.
Some of the JDP kids (Alix and her helpers) have made the best Barebones medals ever. 
Under the "Races" menu, there is a new page which has course lengths for each category and race.

The Setup race (the first half of the Barebones Chase) will start at 9:00am in downtown Canmore. For more information, including parking information, visit the "Setup" page under the "Races" menu on this website.